Our Favourite Things to do in Exeter

Ah, the beautiful, serene views of Devon are unparalleled. Exeter is one of those cities where if you know, you know. Check out some of our favourite things to do in this beautiful city:

  1. Explore the Underground Passages
    Exeter is the only city in the UK to feature something like this! Originally designed to bring clean drinking water from natural springs into the city, these passages are now a staple of the Devon tourism circuit. The passages are super cool and a great way to spend a few hours, a brilliant way to spend the afternoon in Exeter!
  2. Head to The Fat Pig for a brilliant Sunday roast
    An Exeter legend! The Fat Pig gives off steampunk vibes as a triple-threat distillery, smokehouse, and brewery. The Fat Pig produce their own rum, gin, and vodka, as well as a range of craft ales and, if you’re feeling brave, their own moonshine…
  3. Get one of your five a day at Sandford Orchards
    It counts if it’s in cider form, right? One can’t visit Devon without taking advantage of the cider scene. Sandford Orchards offers a 90-minute tour and tasting, located just outside of Exeter. They offer a range of ciders, from smooth, dessert-like brews to punchy, spiced ones.
  4. The Codebreaking Walk
    Take a different kind of country walk! Lasting 75 minutes, you’ll walk all over the city solving riddles and puzzles. During the game, you’ll learn about the city’s history as well as get your steps in. A great way to work up an appetite before quenching your thirst with a cold pint or two!

Why are we going on about Exeter? What could possibly be getting us so excited to head over there? Hmm… it starts with T and ends with C…

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