What we like to do in Cardiff

Cardiff isn’t just for partying, despite what it may look like whenever the rugby is on. This Welsh city has a whole lot of other amazing cultural things to do, from food to drinking to scenery. Here we’ve listed some of our favourites, in case you need some inspiration for your next staycation!

  1. Sunday lunch at Heaney’s
    Tommy Heaney has become a legend with his restaurant in the Pontcanna area and the Sunday lunch is to die for. Expect brilliant cuisine at an incredible price point – plus the most amazing presentation and vibes! If a Sunday roast isn’t really your thing, the place has a brilliant tasting menu dinner option that changes regularly, so you’ve always got a reason to go back. The whole room gets to experience the same 8-10 dishes, meaning that you enjoy a collective experience and try loads of different things!
  2. The Craft Beer Crawl
    When it comes to craft beer, Cardiff is definitely up there on the UK’s list of cities to be in. A few of our favourite places to sample the good stuff include The Cambrian Tap, which has an absolutely huge range of ales and beers to choose from, The Brew Monster, which not only has beer, but views for days. Then there’s Pipes, and independent brewer with a lovely little beer garden to relax in. Lastly, there’s Tiny Rebel – an absolute institution of the craft beer scene, known for doing crazy creative things with hops.
  3. The Gwent Levels
    If you want to walk around with your jaw on the floor for an afternoon, this is your place. The walking routes of this wilderness and wetlands area are absolutely stunning and are thriving hubs of biodiversity, making them very important on an international scale. Work up an appetite on one of these walks before stumbling into…

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