Christmas Cocktails at TCC!

At the risk of sounding super basic, Christmas is our absolute favourite time of the year here at TCC! After all, what better way is there to warm up than with a deliciously indulgent tipple at a cozy bar?

Well, boy do we have some treats in store for you! This Christmas, every TCC is running a SPECIAL MENU to get you feeling festive. With four special drinks to choose from, we’ve got your December drinking list absolutely sorted.


You know we can’t resist a pun. Father Christmas meets the city in this sexy twist on a Cosmo, featuring Grey Goose Citron, Cointreau, cranberry juice, lime, and cranberry sauce! Everything gets shaken together and served straight up, garnished with a mini holly wreath because, well, you know we’re extra.


Forget setting a strange lump of cake on fire, this Christmas Pudding is where it’s really at! Dewar’s Whisky, Shanky’s Whip Irish liqueur, Gonzalez Sherry, apple juice, and Monin Winter Spice – every quintessential Christmas flavour, shaken up into one outstanding drink! Topped off with a dash of nutmeg to round out this indulgent little tipple.

You can say that again! Bacardi Spiced pairs up with Velvet Falernum, with lime, apple juice, and apple cider, for that lovely spiced apple flavour we associate with the cold winter months. A genuine warmer-upper, this one is! And because that isn’t enough, this number comes with a red nose attached to it, to match the red cheeks you’ll have after a few of them!

The most perfectly British drink, but make it Christmas! We’ve spiced up a classic Bramble by mixing up Bombay Sapphire with port, sugar, lemon, and the fantastic Rev. Hubbard’s Winter Gin Liqueur, garnished with blackberries and a little sprinkling of sugar so you can dream of a White Christmas…

We’ve got a secret…
And we’re going to let you in on it, because we’re just nice like that. If you log on to our WiFi network (LCC WiFi), we just might be giving away a Blitzen’s Bramble on the house…