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Safer Together


Here at The Cocktail Club we’re proud to be part of Nightcap PLC and therefore we’re signed up to the ‘Safer Together’ campaign.

This means you can relax and have fun at any of our venues knowing that all of our team have been trained to look-out for you throughout your visit with us.

If you have any concerns during your night out, please raise it with a member of our team.


  • CHECK YOURSELF – We have a zero-tolerance approach to hate, abuse, assault, or harassment of any kind in our venues.

  • BAD VIBES – if you’re feeling uncomfortable in any way, please let a member of our team know.

  • STAY JUICED – We have free phone charging cables available behind the bar, because the “I’m home safe” texts are very important.

  • BETTER TOGETHER – Nights out are better shared with your friends, so stay together and look out for each other throughout.

  • WE’VE GOT YOU – If you think you’ve been spiked or your drink looks suspicious, we have free testing kits available behind the bar to put your mind at ease.

Please enjoy our venues responsibly and help us make our venues the safest they possibly can be.

‘Safer together’ is brought to you in partnership with Bacardi.

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