February Flavours of the Month

Our Flavours of the Month are notorious for taking some of the best and most interesting brands out there and showcasing them for a few weeks, mixed up with some TCC magic into a totally unique cocktail! Flavours of the Month also offer our customers a unique opportunity to try spirits and flavours that they might otherwise not get the chance to, as well as be a bit adventurous in their drinking. We love showing off a few brands that we think are awesome and getting the creativity to mix up some tasty tipples for everyone to enjoy!

Boy, have we got some treats in store for you this month! February coming in hot with FOUR unique Flavours of the Month for you to try…

First up we’ve got the Lychee Colada, because who said fruity drinks are only for the summertime? This one’s a real kicker! We’ve got Wray & Nephew rum (not for the faint-hearted!), lychee liqueur, Coco Re’al coconut cream, lime juice, and a dash of Peychaud’s bitters to drive it home. It’s fruity, it’s tropical, it’s punchy, and it’ll leave you feeling like you’re on a beach in Ibiza rather than in a concrete jungle…

Need something a little nostalgic? Check out the Lemon Drizzle Sour, which will make you feel like you’re back at your Nan’s house, scoffing cake. Bombay Premier Cru gin, Italicus herbal liqueur, lemon curd, and lemon juice shaken up for our version of a lemon drizzle cake – but the naughty adult version! It’s topped off with a lemon sweet, because is it really a TCC drink if a sweet isn’t involved?

If you’re more of a classics kind of guy, don’t worry, we’ve shaken up a bangin’ Margarita to see you through this month. Our friends at 1800 tequila are mixing it up with lime juice and Cointreau in honour of World Margarita Day, which also happens to be this month. As if we needed an excuse to drink more margaritas!

Introducing… SHOT O’CLOCK! Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Post-Happy Hour, for an extra sixty minutes, you can get two shots for a fiver. Dangerous, right? This month, it’s CHERRY OR BERRY? We’re featuring two brilliant vodkas from our friends at Vestal – Black Cherry flavour and Raspberry & Blackcurrant flavour. Mix them up if you want – doesn’t matter, it’s two for five!

Book in ASAP to get yourself down to your nearest TCC – these tipples won’t be on the menu forever!

Above all, the friendships we build at TCC last a lifetime. Our teams become family, and we make our customers part of our family as well – our regulars can’t get enough of us!

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