F#£K Dry Jan

If you were tempted to take part in Dry Jan this year we are here to give you a mouthwatering reason why you should F#£K such nonsense off (for more reasons than one).

Renowned for being the most depressing month of the year, along with the fact that we have had (almost) two years of living under the restrictions of the government, over at TCC land we say enough is enough! If you hear our team belting out F#£K Dry Jan then you better listen up and join us like the cocktail army that we are. Here at TCC we have set ourselves a mission to make January the month to hero drinking and make it as wet as a month can get.

You know those plans that you had to cancel due to Bojo taking control of our lives, well what better way to have those catch-ups than over some warming cocktails made from the best of the best. With a happy hour that nobody can refuse and daily offers to keep the vibes high there is no better place to spend those after working hours and long awaited weekends than with us.

What we are trying to say is that, remember this time last year when you were lifting weights during an at-home-workout that you only did to pass some time, well, we propose that this year, start as you mean to go on and head down to your fave TCC, put that extra muscle to good use and lift those cocktails high and mighty! No such thing as January blues here – shots up gang!