Flavour Of The Month – January ’22

Are you ready to try the king of drinks? Taking you right back to uni nights playing beer pong, we introduce you to the KING PONG.

This moreish drink consists of peach iced tea, lemon, a dash of bitters, and a healthy serving of Maker’s Mark bourbon for that sweet Kentucky kick. We love a bit of Maker’s Mark at TCC – the legendary small-batch bourbon has been part of a generations-long whisky saga. If you’re not a bourbon fan, this is a great place to start; the King Pong is a bit sweet and a bit tart with a warming kick, not to mention that it comes garnished with a ping pong ball so you can show off to your mates how good you are (were?) at beer pong…

The second drink is an old TCC favourite that we’re bringing back for this month and this month only – the CORPSE REVIVER NO. BLUE.

This brilliant drink is a twist itself on the classic Corpse Reviver No. 2 – but as we all know, making a drink blue means it tastes better. Anyone who says they’ve never ordered a drink simply because it’s blue is lying. We mix it up with Beefeater gin, blue curacao, lemon, sugar, and the wonderfully complex Martini Ambrato, for a drink that’s equal parts sweet, sour and colourful! But of course, the most important part of this drink is the friendly little rubber duck that you’ll find swimming around inside – don’t swallow him, please.

Book into your nearest TCC to try the King Pong or the Corpse Reviver No. Blue by clicking HERE. See you soon!