Flavour Of The Month – November ’21

Our Flavours of the Month are notorious for taking some of the best and most interesting brands out there and showcasing them for a few weeks, mixed up with some TCC magic into a totally unique cocktail! Flavours of the Month also offer our customers a unique opportunity to try spirits and flavours that they might otherwise not get the chance to, as well as be a bit adventurous in their drinking. We love showing off a few brands that we think are awesome and getting the creativity to mix up some tasty tipples for everyone to enjoy!

Our first Flavour of the Month this November features the gorgeous Shanky’s Whip Liqueur, a black liqueur and whiskey blend. The Shanky that the bottle refers to didn’t like the burn of whiskey or the texture of cream, but loved the taste of both. So Shanky’s Whip was born! There’s no actual cream in it, despite being so smooth! We’ve shaken up some Shanky’s with Monin Vanilla and egg white for a delicious flip called the CRÈME CARAMEL. It’s creamy and indulgent with that perfect kick of whiskey in the back to wake you up!

This drink is one to try especially if you aren’t the biggest fan of whiskey but want to broaden your horizons a little bit. If a flip isn’t really your thing, try some Shanky’s with cola or even just by itself, on the rocks!

Our second Flavour of the Month features Nemiroff, a Ukrainian vodka. Although the Nemiroff trademark was only established in 1992, vodka production began on facilities in Nemyriv, Ukraine, as early as 1872. The Nemiroff product lines includes almost sixty types of classic and flavoured vodkas. Oh, and also, it’s the official vodka of UFC!

For our Nemiroff cocktail, we’ve created the MOULIN ROUGE, packed with flavour! We’re using Nemiroff’s Honey Pepper vodka, paired with amaretto, citrus, raspberry & cranberry tea, and cherry bitters. A little bit sweet, a little bit bitter, but a whole lot of drink! There’s a ton of different flavours going on in this drink, so if you’re looking for something to sip and enjoy slowly, this is the cocktail for you.

Book into your nearest TCC to try the Crème Caramel or the Moulin Rouge by clicking here. See you soon!