International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day on March 8th – celebrating the global, social, economic, and cultural achievements of women all over the globe. The bar industry is rife with absolutely incredible women, from the floor to the bar to the back of house. This year, we’re taking IWD one step further, with a specially crafted drink unique to the entire month of March!

Introducing the “9 to 5” – partnering with our good friends at Beefeater, we’re shaking up a healthy serving of gin with nectarine liqueur, lemon juice, and butterfly pea tea for a deliciously fruity and brilliantly purple drink. Yes, you heard us right – it’s PURPLE!

But there’s more. 25p from every sale of this drink goes to [Solace Women’s Aid Charity]( – giving you even more of an excuse to chin them all month. Last, but definitely not least – on the 8th of March, we’ll be giving out some exclusive vouchers to come in and try the drink for free! After that, enjoy one half price for the rest of the week! Keep an eye on your inbox to claim your voucher. Not signed up to our database? Click [here](

To round off this time of celebrating and elevating women in the industry, here are a few of our favourite women-owned bars in London for you to check out on your way to try our IWD drink!

  • [Swift](, W1D 4TQ
    Swift, the Soho institution, was started by Mia Johansson and her husband back in 2016 and has become world-renowned, especially for its incredible Sgroppino!
  • [Tayer + Elementary](, EC1V 9BW
    Tayer + Elementary was started by Norwegian native and legendary bartender Monica Berg, whose style focuses around fresh, seasonal ingredients and sources directly from local farmers.
  • [Ballie Ballerson](, EC2A 3BS
    Who hasn’t heard of the ball pit where you can drink in London? Ballie was started by Wenny Armstrong in 2016 and has brought in over half a million guests since its inception!

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