January Hijinks – What’s on in London?

It is a universally acknowledged truth that January typically sucks. It’s cold, it’s wet, there are no holidays to look forward to, and we’re all beating ourselves up about overindulging over the festive period. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We can’t control the weather, but we CAN control how much fun we have over the next couple of weeks. Here’s some advice from yours truly, the original party-starters…

Winter activities, but without the mad Christmas crowd…
Need we say more? London in December is wonderful, don’t get us wrong, but pushing and shoving your way through crowds of people does get tiring after a while. January is a much calmer time, which means that it’s the best opportunity to see those friends you haven’t seen in ages, or finally go on that date, not worrying about running into everyone and their mother! Take advantage of the quiet period to check out some hotspots that would otherwise usually be full to the brim.

Winter sales!
Half-price Christmas chocolate? Yes, please! Now that your Christmas leftovers are finally finished, it’s time to take a look at some of the mental post-Christmas sales taking place in every industry. From shoes to food to activities, loads of places are running January sales to combat those winter blues. And what better way to celebrate after a nosey around Oxford Street than to pop into our TCC venue to relax with a cocktail?

Check out the rooftops!
Call us mad, but what rooftop venue doesn’t have heating lamps? If you’re brave enough, take a tour of some of London’s incredible rooftop bars for views and booze when no one expects you to. There’s no better way to muddle through January than with an espresso martini in hand! Our favourites are The Aviary (Finsbury Square), Bar Elba (Waterloo), and Madison (St. Paul’s!)

We all know that there’s never a dull moment in London, let alone a dull moment inside one of TCC’s venues! Failing all of the above, you can always stop by one of our cozy bars for a quick pick-me-up and light swing – we’re here for you, every month of the year!