May Flavour Of The Month

Our Flavours of the Month are notorious for taking some of the best and most interesting brands out there and showcasing them for a few weeks, mixed up with some TCC magic into a totally unique cocktail! Flavours of the Month also offer our customers a unique opportunity to try spirits and flavours that they might otherwise not get the chance to, as well as be a bit adventurous in their drinking. We love showing off a few brands that we think are awesome and getting the creativity to mix up some tasty tipples for everyone to enjoy!

Ever wanted to drink booze out of the skulls of your enemies? Well, now you can… sort of. Kah Blanco tequila comes in exquisite, hand-painted bottles in the shape of skulls. As if there’s anything cooler than that. And this brilliant liquid is featured in the delightful “She’s My Cherry Pie”, for one of this month’s unique flavours. Kah Blanco tequila is mixed with cherry brandy, cherry puree, lime juice, Angostura bitters, and – in case you weren’t already feeling the heartburn – Green Chartreuse. If that sounds good to you, you’re definitely the cool one in your friend group. Hands down. Did we mention it’s garnished with a Haribo sour cherry sweet?

If you fancy yourself too refined for that one, the “English Lady” will do you just fine. A twist on a classic Perfect Lady, this tipple sees Martin Millers Summerful gin shaken with peach liqueur, lemon, and peach bitters and served straight up. This delightful sour wilBut it’s also garnished with a sprig of rosemary that we’re setting on fire. Just because we’re sophisticated, doesn’t mean we’re not crazy. We’ve been big fans of Martin Millers for ages and let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a bit of gin?

Let’s kick it up another notch. Our last cocktail for May’s Flavour of the Month is “Coco Chanel”, and she’s far more reasonably priced than the perfume. Bacardi coconut rum gets mixed up with Velvet Falernum and lime juice, before being topped with the ridiculously tasty Coconut and Pineapple Soda from Crave Drinks. Crave have other incredible flavours as well, like Lime + Mint or Passionfruit + Vanilla, made to compliment all your favourite cocktails or just be enjoyed on their own. And trust us, we’re enjoying them plenty this month.

Need something to wash all of those down? We got you. After Happy Hour’s over, it’s time for Shot O’Clock – two shots for a fiver, for a whole hour. This month we’re serving up the Honeycomb Slammer, a shot of The Dubliner’s Honeycomb Irish Whiskey – there’s nothing better to chase down all those cocktails with than this! The Dubliner is distilled in the heart of Dublin and is meant to be drunk, rather than gather dust on a shelf. You can get your fill of it at all our bars the entire month of May – go on, you know you want to.

This tipples won’t be on the menu forever, so get them while you can. Click here to book in now.