November Flavour of the Month

Our Flavours of the Month are notorious for taking some of the best and most interesting brands out there and showcasing them for a few weeks, mixed up with some TCC magic into a totally unique cocktail! Flavours of the Month also offer our customers a unique opportunity to try spirits and flavours that they might otherwise not get the chance to, as well as be a bit adventurous in their drinking. We love showing off a few brands that we think are awesome and getting the creativity to mix up some tasty tipples for everyone to enjoy!

You either really like rhubarb, or you hate it. Rhubarbra Streisand is for those who love it. We’re showcasing the brilliant Edward’s Rhubarb Vodka. The vodka is made using locally grown English rhubarb and their original potato vodka. For this drink, the vodka is then mixed with lemon juice and vanilla syrup, shaken and served straight up. It really tastes like those rhubarb and custard sweets your nan used to give you. It’s got a dash of Peychaud’s bitters on top just to balance out the sweetness.

Next up we’ve got the delicate and decadent Kiss From A Rose. Bombay Sapphire gin is shaken up with cranberry juice, lime juice, rose syrup, and St. Germain elderflower liqueur. The French liqueur is made with fresh elderflowers that are harvested only once a year. Each bottle of St. Germain contains up to 1000 blossoms inside. For those who fancy some perfectly balanced, fresh and fragrant flavours – this one’s for you.

This next one brings back an old TCC classic – the Candy Shop. But this time we’re making it a little differently – bubblegum syrup, strawberry candy syrup, and lemon juice are mixed with Strawbar eau de vie before being topped with lemonade. What on earth is an eau de vie, we hear you ask? It’s a f*cking delicious, fermented and distilled fruit brandy. Strawbar is produced from single-origin Greek strawberries, creating an entirely unique spirit. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got the autumnal Pearless Whisper to warm you up. Cracked cardamom pods are shaken up with apple juice, lemon juice, a dash of sugar, and the incredible Nemiroff Burning Pear vodka. This fruity, spicy spirit is made by infusing Nemiroff vodka with a 16th century recipe of honey, pepper, and fresh pear. Garnished with a piece of dried pear, so you can get in one of your five a day.

These tipples won’t be on the menu forever, so get them while you can. Click here to book in now.