The Cocktail Creator

Which cocktail are you?! Short and sweet, or a little bit sour? Or perhaps you’re as smooth as a Pornstar Martini? Actually, it doesn’t matter what you are. What does matter is that you can now enjoy one of our legendary cocktails for just a fiver EVERY WEEK.

Introducing the Cocktail Creator on our brand spanking new website! This nifty little feature is a brilliant way to get you trying drinks you’re unfamiliar with and simplifying the process of choosing what to drink the next time you’re in a TCC. All you have to do is choose from a selection of spirits, flavours, and glassware, and we’ll sort you out with one of our lip-smacking concoctions that you can nab for only five pounds.

For example, let’s say you fancy something gin-based, fresh, and fancy-looking. Yes, those are legitimate choices, because sometimes we don’t always know what we want! In this case, our Cocktail Creator would determine that a Southside Royale is the drink for you. Then all you do is pop in your email address and we send you a code to redeem at your choice of LCC. Whenever you’re ready to pay, simply activate the code and show it to your bartender – BOOM! Five-pound cocktail!

Know what the best part is? You can do this once a week! How long until you can make your way through all 28 drinks on our menu?

At TCC, we believe that everyone deserves to have a good time, and we make it happen through the best tunes, banging vibes, and of course, some fabulous cocktails. Give the Cocktail Creator a try and see what you discover – you may be surprised by what you like!

Check out or Cocktail Creator HERE