“The Vibe”

“What even is this place?”

“This place is wild!”

We’ve heard it all before! And that’s what we do – make memories and experiences unlike any other bar in the UK. The Cocktail Club was formed with the intention of creating the bartender’s paradise – as our motto says, “A place where you can dance on tables, singing to AC/DC, sipping on the perfect dry martini!”

And that’s what we’ve been doing since 2008. TCC brings you the best of both worlds – your bartenders can spout random facts about tequila and have 200 different cocktails memorised, but they’ll get on top of the bar and party with you at the end of the night as well! You can order yourself a sophisticated gin martini and unwind, but you can also let your hair down and dance while sipping on Pornstars all night! We pride ourselves on being a place where everyone can find something to drink or something to smile about.

Each TCC is slightly different, with their own unique themes based on things like location, history, and more. For example, our Old Street venue is a gorgeous ‘Secret Garden’, with Moroccan poufs, and swinging benches, retaining some iconic furniture pieces from the venue’s previous tenants! Then you have our Bethnal Green venue which, considering its location under the arches of the Overground train tracks, boasts sofas with prints from old school buses and a warehouse-style ceiling. We love getting creative with these themes as well – they give each of our bars their own unique aesthetic whilst still remaining undeniably TCC!

But while we do love to party and do things just a little bit OTT, we also take our drink-making seriously! Our training program at TCC is second to none, with various stages of progression from the newest floortender, who’s never worked in hospitality before, to the seasoned General Manager who’s taking on a new challenge. At TCC, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have; what matters is that you come with a good attitude and willingness to learn how we do things our way. Even if you’ve worked behind bars for 10 years, you can expect to be studying for your exam on classic cocktails within six months of joining us!

Above all, the friendships we build at TCC last a lifetime. Our teams become family, and we make our customers part of our family as well – our regulars can’t get enough of us!

Want to become part of the family? Pop into your nearest TCC to chat to one of us about joining the biggest party in town…