Why Not to Do Dry January

January isn’t the greatest of months – why make it even more depressing by keeping it dry as well?! We’re big fans of making January as wet as possible, so in case you needed some convincing, here are some legitimate reasons to venture out this month:

Places are more quiet
January is the perfect time to take advantage of the quiet (well, more quiet than usual) streets of London. Haven’t been able to get a table at the infamously beautiful Circolo Popolare? Now’s the time to snag a last-minute booking! Time to pop into that bar you always see on your way home from work, but always looks packed out.
Not to mention that loads of places – bars, restaurants, shops, everything really – run loads of New Year offers to combat the quiet period. Take advantage while you can!

New venues opening
We all know that it’s absolutely crucial to be the one in your friend group who knows everything about the cool new places around London. While everyone else is at home in their dressing gowns, take advantage of the lull to explore some fabulous new ventures popping up around the city! We ourselves are super excited for the opening of Abandon Ship, a well-established Scottish bar with rum cocktails galore.
Another exciting new venture is the newest branch of Mezcalito, this time in Newington Green! The Mexican restaurant is popular in its current Chelsea location, and its new opening is bound to feature the same reimagined Mexican cocktails that we know and love.

People are less busy, so more time to catch up with those mates you haven’t seen in forever
Time to finally grab a drink with that friend from uni you haven’t seen since before the pandemic – no more putting it off! With lots of people back to working from home, we’re all keen to pop out for a cosy evening in the pub for some catch-up banter with old friends.
Oh wait – what’s that? You missed out on celebrating your birthday last year due to being stuck in lockdown, so you want to go ham this year? That’s more like it! Get in touch with us to see how you can make your birthday the most epic one yet.

At TCC, we say F*CK DRY JANUARY. Last January was a write-off as we were stuck in lockdown, which means that this year we’re not holding back. Shots up!