World Gin Day

As if you needed another excuse to pour yourself a very strong G&T… we’re giving you another one. This Saturday is World Gin Day, and you know what that means. We’re raising a glass (or three) to the UK’s favourite summer spirit.
Being master mixologists, down at TCC we stock and pour a fair few lovely gins into our banging cocktails. Check out a few of the gin drinks on our sexy menu:

Bramley Apple Smash

Do you want a summer picnic, but in your mouth, all at once? Of course you do. Here’s a timeless drink that’s been on the TCC menu for as long as we can remember. It features Beefeater gin, lemon, sugar, elderflower, and Bramley apple sauce. And as if that wasn’t enough, it comes garnished with a fresh blackberry and a goddamn custard cream. We do spoil you lot, don’t we?


A truly British summer classic. The only issue is, you can’t have just one! Beefeater gin, lemon, sugar, and Chambord – so simple, but so bloody tasty. This is a true old school drink for you traditionalists out there.
(P.S., want to drink an unlimited amount of these? Well, fortunately for you, our Bottomless Brunches come with as many Brambles as your heart desires, as well as Pornstars and Prosecco. Need we say more? Book now.)

Southside Royale

This one’s for you fancy b*tches. The rule is – if a drink has ‘Royale’ in the name, the Queen drinks it. Trust us. This elegant twist on the classic uses Sipsmith gin, shaken up with lime juice and mint leaves, before being topped up with prosecco. It’s crisp, light, and refreshing as hell. Go on, you know you want to.

Smoked Collins

If you’re off the booze, there’s no reason to miss the party! The Smoked Collins is one of our incredible non-alcoholic cocktails that still tastes like a party in your mouth. We’ve got the punchy Beebolin Woodruff tonic with a couple dashes of hickory smoke, paired with sugar and lemon.

Get yourself down to your local TCC to celebrate World Gin Day the proper way – double fisting cocktails. We’re now up to 13 sites across London, Bristol, Reading, and Exeter, with Cardiff on the way very soon. See you soon, lovers – your party is pending. Click here to book.